Today I am struggling with, “Why even bother…

… Cooking. He just complains about the food

… Correcting my children. He always says I do it wrong or not enough. 

… Being nice. He just tells me what a horrible person I am what a bad friend I am. 

… Trying to explain myself. He never believes me and tells me why I am always wrong

… Being married. 

Somewhere in me something still is trying to try. But, mostly I want to roll over and let him be “mom”. He doesn’t think I do a good job so why do I keep working, why don’t I quit. I just want to check out physically and mentally. 

So, I know at this moment I am supposed to pull out my note card with Phillipians 4:8. The one that says “Mind Check” that got lost weeks ago. But, it doesn’t need to be here for me to know I am not correcting myself the way I ought. I am supposed to make sure my thoughts are…






Good report 

Is any virtue

There is anything praiseworthy 

These are the things I am supposed to mediate and think on according to ‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭8‬. I am not supposed to focus on how mad I am that the man who taught me I am precious now tells me what an awful person I am. Now, after years of growth. After I can finally see some change and start to like the person I am becoming. I am angry and hurt and selfishly dwelling on negativity. 

God, I am so thankful that you don’t expect or want me to do this on my own. Because, I need you to do this through me. I will do my best to get out of your way. Shutting off my negativity. Praying in tongues instead. Show your love and servants heart through me. 

Slipping and falling and thankful God still loves me and that the Holy Spirit is my comforter. 

If I say, “My foot slips,” Your mercy, O LORD, will hold me up. In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul. (‭Psalms‬ ‭94‬:‭18-19‬ NKJV)

So, my jewelry used to be in a plastic shoe box. It was as organized as a wad of tangled necklaces can be. Afterall, I wrote “Jewelry” on the side of the box with a permanent marker.

I have a framed window screen I had made for my earrings. Even have one not pictured that stands up so I can easily put up the earrings with backs. And, I had even twisted up Christmas ornament wires to be able to hold my rings.


My necklaces hang off of a necktie rack turned diagonal. The asymmetry appeals to me.


So, all that was left in my box (which had cracked by now) was bracelets. My original thought was to find a paper towel holder and screw it to the wall. But, while thrift shopping for it this is what I found instead.

Now, I am pretty sure it is a candle holder stand. But whatever it was meant to be. I paid only 99 cents and…

Took my favorite spray paint (favorite because it works on wood, metal and plastic) and colored a couple light layers if a paint to match my other decor. This paint costs $3.97 a can. But I am obsessed with teal (they call theirs “Lagoon”) so I had a can handy.

I didn’t even have to add anything to hold it on the wall. I justI screwed three screws right up against the metal, far enough apart that it can’t fall off.


Now, that I know exactly what bracelets I have I wear them a lot more.

And if you can tell from the above picture. The tie rack’s original color was not a match so I unscrewed it and put a couple coats of color (black and teal) on it too.


I had so much fun and it looked different so fast that I can’t wait to start another spray paint project.

I had been wanting to try to make a T-shirt scarf out of tie dye. So, this shirt beaconed to me and though I thought it ugly I did like the colorfulness.


I don’t know if you can read it but that price tag says, “1.99” and I happened to make it during the thrift stores, “Monday Night Football Sale” which meant 30% off clothes. Not sure how it is supposed to support football because if you are there during the sale you aren’t watching the game. But, I don’t argue with people giving me discounts.

Make your life easy, pick a shirt with no side seams (No stitching up the sides). And avoid screen print, the strip won’t curl the same in the places with screen print. But this could add to your own style if you like the look.

I cut the hem off. Then went in at an angle until I hit somewhere between 1/2-3/4″.


I cut all the way around until close to the starting point. That is the funny little angled point. Below is how I fixed it so I could keep cutting my long strip.


I cut the point off :) Then I kept cutting 1/2-3/4″ all the way around, and around, and around. I stopped when I hit the armpit seam.

I just eyeballed the width. It is very forgiving if you get a little off.


To the left is my pile of strip. On the right is where I began to pull the strip so it stretched and rolled itself up.

I ended up with a very long piece of cord. Ok, who I am kidding. I got over zealous and pulled it out so much that a couple times it broke and I had 3 long pieces. And there was so much I ended up making 2 scarves.

Time to wrap it around. I have my handy dandy mannequin that helped me plan how I wanted it. But the floor would work just as well.


Make sure you make the smallest loop bigger than your head. Other than that play with it until you get the look you want.


The back side. Yep, all those extra tales are from when I broke the strip.


I threw a needle and tread through the back side for two reasons 1) All those loose ends from breaking it 2) I wanted to make sure my lengths didn’t change during wear.

But you can skip the sewing to make it a no sew project just…


Tie a loose end, or scrap of strip, around the back in a tight knot. But, I had ribbon with my website on it. So, my vanity stitched that around the back.


Finished… My trendy scarf necklace. It won’t keep my neck warm in the winter. But it will look cute with almost every color outfit out there!


I recommend using pants with at least 5% spandex and the rest cotton. Mine happen to be 12% spandex. So, I am expecting a lot of hug a butt.


The tshirts are part of the Fringe Skirt here.

Cut the inseam. That is from inside ankle and the way up through the crotch and down the other inside of the led to the ankle.


Flip the pants inside out. Lay them out with front to front and back to back.


Working from the waist down, carefully, smooth out the layers and pin them together.


So we need to get rid of that extra crotch fabric and get a smoother line.


Now if you have a tailors curve that is great. If not just draw a straight line on the front. But, curve it out in the back to leave room for your tush.

I wanted to shorten this so I didn’t sew a tea length skirt when I just need a mini. I know I want it longer in the back so I marked a straight line from 14 3/4 inch in front to 15.5 in the back.


But, I actually cut it on a bit of a curve because I wanted it to be a little longer on the sides as well. So, it is only shorter in front a bit.


See that red triple line the sewing machine is set on. That is called a stretch stitch. A zig sag is supposed to work as well. But I never like the finish as well.


Stitch it along the white line and cut off the excess about 1/4 inch from the seam.

Flip it right side out and you are done!


I tried to get a photo of me in it but my 5 year old is still learning her photography skills.

I made this in order to make the fringe skirt here.

Awesome, easy to use product. I have tried a ton of products and they were either not enough moisture or coated the hair instead of penetrating it. I tried expensive conditioners, heating oils,  waxes, butters, ethnic hair products and even grease. All I need was this point and spray product and now I have silky hair.

This stuff ROCKS!

My daughter’s hair doesn’t make oil (she is mixed, soft but ethnic hair). When she was a baby we tried countless products and nothing kept her poor little scalp from flaking until we found this. Now it is a staple in her hair routine. I can tell from the feel of her hair if she misses putting it on after her bath. It is much silkier if she uses this. And easier to brush, bonus points!!

I decided to get a perm in hopes of easy beachy waves. Instead I got kinky dry as straw locks. This leave in conditioner helped bring it back to softness, although I still have to fight the kinky.

So in short, I highly recommend this and always have it in my cabinet.

Recipe (yes, it is high efficiency safe)
1 cup Washing Soda
1 cup Borax
1 bar Fels Naptha (Ivory works but you need 2 bars, I have heard other soaps work but I haven’t tried any others)

Some folks say they have problems finding washing soda and Fels Naptha. I found them all nicely in a row in the laundry detergent aisle at Walmart.

The Math:
Washing Soda $3.24 for a box of 5.2 cups = $ .62 per cup
Borax $3.36 for a box of 7.25 cups = $ .46 per cup
Fels Naptha for 1 soap bar $ .97
Total of $2.05 to make 48 loads (takes 2 Tablespoons per wash)
For a grand total of $ .04 per load of laundry

I chopped up the soap bar tossed it into my lovely food processor (blender should work as well).

I suppose you could mix them together in a bigger bowl without the next step. But I really like my food processor. So I tossed half the powder and have the soap balls in my food processor then into a big bowl. Repeated with the other halves. Then stirred them together and put in a storage container.

I use 2 tablespoons of this super concentrated detergent in my wash and save a ton.

This is my new favorite tool.

Not only is it great for scraping food off of dishes. But I also keep one with my leg sugaring. I use it to spread my leg “wax” in the direction of growth then quickly yank it in the opposite direction and out the hair comes. You can find the Sugaring “Wax” recipe here. Now I don’t have to use muslin fabric strips.

I found my scraper for 97 cents at Walmart in the kitchen utensil section.


You know the infomercial for “the amazing rotating iron”.

Well, I got hired on to sell it for the state fair. So, I spent 3 weeks using it on every type of hair imaginable. I couldn’t have planned a better test for a review.

The question everyone asks is, “Does it really work?” For certain hair types it really is amazing. For others it is not worth even the state fair price. But if you do buy it keep all the parts and your receipt. Because if anything breaks within 13 months and you have the receipt (you must have all the accessories as well) they will send you a new one.


  • For ethnic or grey hair it works amazing. They say it lays down the cuticles instead of crushing the hair. Whatever, it is doing it definitely gets a smoother softer finish than the straightening iron. I have taken hair that was already straightened with the Chi and made it look much better with a few swipes of the Instyler.
  • Price, well the state fair special of $65 or 2 for $100, is cheaper than most quality flat irons. But it is reconditioned, aka B stock.
    For a soft wave it is ok. But make sure to use product to make it hold.
  • Two months before my gig I gave into the urge to get a permanent. Instead of beachy waves I got permanent frizz.  The Instyler smoothed my hair out fast and looked as good as pre perm. Which was wonderful because I had a lot of damage and you couldn’t tell. It is definitely a better finish than the flat iron.
  • When you get the hang of it the Instyler is much faster than straightening with a straightening iron.
  • The comb that comes with it is my new favorite. It is good for everything from combing out the perfect section of hair for Instyling to spanking a disobedient child.

  • You really can get your hair done with a lot less heat. The hottest setting is 385 degrees. Even with ethnic natural hair I could get girls hair straighter and softer than a perm. That is over 100 degrees less than a Chi. That was the most amazing part to me.
  • Cons:

  • Barrel curls look good at first but fell out fast even with product. The ended up as soft waves on me.
  • Price, online cost of 3 payments of 39.99 plus 19.99 for shipping and handling equals $179.95. And I am not certain but I think you also have to pay $14.99 for their 30 day trial offer. So the total would be $194.94.
  • I don’t know what a normal return rate is but there were several people saying theirs broke. I watched at least one a week break. But they were on for 10 hour days.
  • If you don’t have all the pieces (ie heat guard, comb, etc) they won’t replace your piece if it breaks.
  • If you don’t straighten your hair and are wanting to curl. I would go with a curling iron or flat iron curls.
  • Recommendations:

    If it isn’t working for you there are 2 things commonly done wrong. User error not the product not working. You are either taking too much hair at a time. Or, you are going too fast. Yes, going slower will save you time, trust me. No touch ups will be needed.

    So, use the end of that awesome comb that I wish I had more of. Section off what is in between the prongs and just straighten that piece.

    Start off slow. If it is getting completely straight go a little faster. My hair isn’t very curly so I can go pretty fast through mine and still get a great finish.

    So in short, if you straighten your hair it is a good product. Better finish with less heat. But keep all the parts and receipt just in case (Detailed Warranty info). I don’t recommend it for making curls, just waves.

    Welcome to the battle of harder nails. On the left we have Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails and to the right is Nail Life’s Nail Revitalizer. The rules are simple:

    1) My nails get a minimum of one coat a day for 30 days.
    2) Equal treatment; if it is time to remove and reapply on one hand I do it on both.
    3) No interference. So, no other polishes. So, no pretty colors for awhile :(.

    If you want to skip the day by day you can just jump to the summary and winner here.

    Day 1: My nails are in worse shape than usual. I got shellac done at the salon. The gal apparently filed my nails paper thin. Nail Revitalizer has been my go to nail hardener. But at about $8 a bottle I wondered if there could be something that works well but is cheaper. Hard as Nails got picked because it was only $3 and easy to find almost everywhere. Because my nails are so thin I painted 4 coats on the first day. I wanted to make them a little thicker so they wouldn’t break.

    Day 4: I have been coating my nails everyday with an additional coat. The polish is already flaking. Or, is the right word peeling? Anybody remember Tinkerbell nail polish that peeled up to remove? Yeah, it is like that. I think I need to remove and reapply. The Nail Revitalizer usually lasts a week or more before needing to be redone. Either my nails were in that bad of shape (my money is on that) or it was because of the extra layers on day 1. My nails themselves are flaking pretty badly.

    Day 7: I was really hoping the flaking would have gotten better by now. I know you are supposed to judge your nails by the new growth. But I was hoping something would have helped by now.

    Day 10: Remove and reapply. Peeling polish on both hands again.

    Day 15: I am still having to file my nails really short in order to minimize flaking. Remove and reapply.

    Day 19: So I have to admit itthe polish on my nails starts to be a bit annoying when it peels. This last time it started to and I used my teeth to peel it all away. Reapply.

    Day 23: Really no change? Also, the Nail Revitalizer is starting to thicken in the bottle and the cap is getting harder to remove

    Day 28: Finally my nails are a little thicker. I chock it up to natural growth. I can’t say either nail polish has done any good.

    Day 30: Since, I know Nail Revitalizer does do work for my nails I think I better extend this trial. Because it is apparently not long enough to make a difference… Yet.

    Day 33: I am bored of the natural nail look. I am ready for a little color in my life.

    Day 37: My right hand (Nail Revitalizer) officially, and finally, is flake free. Lefty with the Hard as Nails is definitely doing better than it was. But the edges of 4 nails still have damage from flaking.

    Day 39: Sometimes I am a little dingy. I thought Sally Hansen was a lot cheaper. But it comes in a much smaller bottle. The math… Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails (at Walgreens) $2.99 for .45oz. So the price is $6.64 per ounce. While Nail Life’s Nail Revitalizer (at Sally Beauty Supply) $7.99 for 1.19oz. So the price is $6.71 per ounce. So the difference is Nail Revitalizer cost 7 cents more per ounce and so far it is the only one that has worked.

    Day 40: Hard as Nails polish peeling and taking the nail with it. Come on Sally, hard as nails my foot… Well, my finger.

    Day 45: We have a winner! Read on for the summary and who won. Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails (at Walgreens): All 5 nails have pieces of nail missing. My nails are thinner than the other hand. At $6.64 per ounce it is 7 cents per ounce cheaper than Nail Revitalizer. But I would not buy Hard as Nails again. It is no better than a 97 cent clear top coat.

    Nail Life’s Nail Revitalizer (at Sally Beauty Supply): I do have one chipped nail on that hand. I am however right handed so that hand should be more likely to break but it has less damage. My nails are definitely thicker on that side. They even seem to grow faster. But that may just be because they aren’t flaking as badly. Either way, it has been my go to in the past and it looks like it is staying that way. It is $6.71 per ounce and worth it.

    So the winner is Nail Life’s Revitalizer. And finally I get to paint my nails a color!!!

    2 cups white sugar
    1/4 lemon juice
    1/4 water

    My experience and tips:
    When working without a thermometer (because that is all I have ever done) that amber color is key. The video shows it really at 2:50. I also like to run cold water over a drop on the spoon. If it doesn’t separate it is done. But cook it any longer and you will have to use her tip at the end about adding water to the warmed hard candy sugaring. I have heard other types of sugar work. I just made a batch with brown sugar and it definitely does not work as well as my last batch made with white sugar.


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